Hello, my dearest MUMS – TO – BE!

Pregnancy is a very special time for every woman.

I do hope that you are truly embracing it.

No matter who we are, our age and where we come from, we all want to look beautiful, especially when pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy, you will have many thoughts, take many decisions and prepare for the new situations. Being pregnant means being busy. There is always so much to do. Yes, I have been there too, twice!

Pregnancy is a time when we think a lot about ourselves, our bodies and health, about how we feel and if we are fine. But first and foremost we consider our baby, because when taking care of ourselves, we care for our baby bump.

Have you heard of the saying ‘A happy mum means happy baby’? I strongly believe that this also applies when you are expecting. Nevertheless, despite so many things that are bothering your mind right now, I do hope that you will still find some time to feel even more special.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time, so time for us to feel beautiful when we are pregnant!

On my Instagram you will find lots of inspirations on how to dress up in this unusual time, when our bodies go through so many changes. The bump is growing…well, often not only that… Our whole figure is changing and you no longer fit in your clothes, they are either too small, too tight or too short. How do I know that?

The photos shown on my Instagram present greatests Insta – mummys. Get inspired! They know best how to accentuate your baby belly instead of just hiding it. You will find here outfits for every occasion. Take a look at these beautiful girls that I found and find your perfect outfit for today.

Get inspired! Enjoy pregnancy fashion! Feel beautiful!





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